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Our policy aims to safeguard the client's portfolio. The prices of the vans can be decided at the end of the rental according to the real mileage made by the customer. For example if a customer rents a van shield for EUR 25.90 and 35 cents per kilometer traveled back and has done more than 100 kilometers, will be automatically applied to have the lowest cost of Euro 48 with 100 km included. This principle is applied over the entire range of vehicles at your disposal.


Noleggio Furgone Fiat Scudo

Little Van

Rent starting at 25.90 and 35 cents per km or 48 euros, including 100 km


Dimensions: 2.30 x 1.60 length x width x height 1.60


Noleggio Furgone Fiat Ducato e Iveco (passo medio/lungo)

Furgone Fiat Ducato 14

Rent starting at 37.90 with 35 or 68 euro cents per km with 100 km included

Dimensions: length 2.60 x width 1.80 x height 1.88
Noleggio Furgone Fiat Ducato Maxi

Furgone Fiat Ducato Maxi

Rent starting at 43.90 with 35 or 74 euro cents per km with 100 km included

Size: from 3.20 to 3.50 length X 1.80 width x 1.88 height
Noleggio Furgone Fiat Iveco Cassonato

Furgone Fiat Iveco dropside

Rent starting at 57.90 with 35 or 90 euro cents per km with 100 km included

Dimensions: 4.30 length X width X 2.20 height 2.10

For real measures are measures of the loading expressed in meters
Throughout the range of possible insurance super at 21 euros a day.
All costs are quoted including VAT.

For more information and price with mileage and day different than those you can call at  +39  (0)6 87452533 (Monday-Saturday 9.00-13.00/15.30-19.30) or contact our email address  info@rentissimo.net